NB Electric is your go-to for when it’s time to upgrade your service. Whether you are adding more or newer appliances or it’s just time to replace your old electrical panel, NB Electric can evaluate your current situation, assess your needs and help determine the best option for your upgrade.


Old electrical panels can be bothersome, and in some instances, dangerous. 

Some things that can happen when your panel is nearing the end of its life:

  • Lights flickering
  • Breakers that trip constantly or fuses blowing frequently
  • Not being able to use appliances at the same time
  • Melted electrical wires
  • Defective circuit breakers that fail to trip – this can result in overheating, shocks, and possibly fire

Old panels can be a hazard to your family and your home because of the potential for fires and electrical shocks.

In addition to faulty and outdated panels, there are a few other reasons to upgrade your service. 

  • Renovation of your kitchen where a majority of your appliances are located
  • Adding on to your home
  • Adding a new major appliance; you have to make sure your panel can handle the load
  • Adding more outlets
  • Needing to upgrade/change your electrical service to meet homeowners insurance requirements
  • Adding a subpanel

NB Electric does all the work for you – from evaluating and planning to working with your city and utility company throughout the process. They use all of the latest and safest electrical panels and breakers. 

Every job they do follows the current National Electrical Code and they strive to keep the downtime to the absolute minimum. 

Call NB Electric today to see how they can help you! 

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